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Optimize Your Google Plus Business Page to Improve Local Search Ranking

You might have heard that Google Plus is falling by the wayside? Ignore that. More than ever before, Google Plus is driving your website's visibility in Local Search. And if you're not ahead of your competition, YOU might fall by the wayside.

Optimizing your Google Plus Business page can have HUGE effects on your Google Local Search ranking. And if you haven't noticed, local businesses are getting all but pushed out of the standard organic SERP (search engine results page) and being replace by large, global players (think VRBO, FlipKey, etc.). Leaving your best, and maybe only, shot to get ranked well in the Local Results.

So, how can you optimize your Google Plus Business page? Here are a few tips:

1. Seek and Destroy (or at least merge)

Often times, duplicate Google Plus listings are floating around in cyberspace, weakening your brand and decentralizing your content. Search for your company name, locate any duplicate listings, and remove them. If you're not sure which page to start with as your original, look for the one attached to your Google AdWords account and use it.

2. Complete your Business Page's profile

Make sure you complete your profile to 100%, including your business information, phone numbers, website addresses and text descriptions. Here's a tip: the text description allow you to add links, so make sure you use this opportunity to place a keyword-rich link to your website.

3. Add Lots of Photos

Upload some great-looking, high-resolution photos that represent your company well and give them captions. I would recommend uploading at least 10 photos to your Business Page.

4. Link Your YouTube Account

If you have one, link your account with your Google Plus Business Page. Once this is completed, your YouTube videos should appear right within your Google Plus page.

5. Get Customer Reviews

Reviews are a major factor in driving up your Local Search ranking, so get out there and get as many customer reviews as you can! Here's a tip: if you send out an email confirmation when a guest books, or a post-departure follow up letter, encourage them to visit your Google Plus page and to write a review of their experience. If you do email marketing, run a quarterly campaign aimed at increasing your guest reviews. It will pay divedends in terms of positive influence on your search rankings. 

6. Post, Post & Post Some More

Keep your audience engaged with frequent posts. Just like you would on your Facebook page, include photos and ask questions. Interact with your audience by commenting back, and don't forget to periodically post links to your website specials or last-minute deals.

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