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Why Choose Scurto Marketing?

September 24, 2021

A shameless plug on what makes Scurto Marketing special.  

No Smoke and Mirrors

Straightforward open communication. No smoke and mirrors, hidden fees, blocks of support, or tricks that make the upfront price lower but the bottom line a surprise. 

Some companies will make you pick a certain membership level forcing you to “upgrade” to get better support or restricted features. Scurto offers a straightforward low setup fee, then a monthly fee based on your property count – so we can help you grow. This means all website features are available to everyone and charged at a simple hourly rate (if not already included). 

PS: Our hourly rate is intentionally the industry’s lowest. 


We guarantee our website and all the third-party connections (like your software) will work. Period. Your monthly fee includes our support time to keep your website operational. Like when your software company makes an update that will affect your website.

This means you only have to pay for support time when you request new features to your website. The keyword being “Features” since our CMS platform allows you to control your whole website. 

Guess What!

    1. 90% of issue related support tickets are handled within 24 hours.
    2. Minor feature requests are handled within 5-7 business days.
    3. We utilize a support tracking software that gets your request to the right person. We will even set up a call if you need help working through a particular issue or request.
    4. Our contracts only require a 60-day notice of termination. We stand behind our service, not our contract.


One of the longest-running website development companies in the industry. Opening the doors to Scurto Marketing in 1999, our Content Management System was developed over 21 years by working with property managers to customize our proprietary booking. This means we can make it rain. No restrictions from a pre-set platform like WordPress.  If it’s possible, we can do it. 

Prove it! 

Pick a client of ours here: https://www.scurto.com/portfolio/ and I’ll send you a contact to get an honest referral for us. How many agencies would do that?

We can brag all day about how good we are, but nothing says it better than a Russian Roulette-style referral call.

We stand behind our service and thus rarely lose a client.

One Stop Shop

Our most successful clients not only utilize us to develop a website but eliminate the middle man by hiring us to assist in their marketing services. Makes sense, right? One company that builds the website and pushes your brand with results-based goals. This one-two punch has helped many of our clients see up to a 30% increase in their revenue.  


Let's Talk!

Find out why our clients love us by reaching out to your future account manager: Austin Rodgers at 850-685-1476 or [email protected].

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