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SEO Tips - Website Structure

Having a good website structure is the foundation for successful SEO. By implementing these simple, practical tips on your website, you'll ensure a solid basis for your online marketing efforts.

1. URLs

Use keyword-friendly URLs. Do not nest more than 5 subdirectories deep. Example:

2. Page Titles

Each page on your site should have a unique page title. It should include your primary keyword and an optional secondary keyword. Example: ABC | Casa Grande | Aspen Vacation Rental

3. Meta Descriptions

A unique meta description should be found on every page. It should contain your primary and secondary keywords from the Page Title. It should also be well-written, not appearing to be auto-generated, and roughly 130-160 characters long.

4. H1 Tags

Each page should have a unique H1 Tag that includes the primary keyword from the Page Title. It should be located on top of the page content.

5. Hyperlinks

All hyperlinks should have a Title Tag with the primary keyword of its destination page. If linking to an external website, include a No Follow tag. Example: <a href="/vacation-rentals/aspen" title="Aspen Vacation Rentals">Aspen vacation rentals</a> or <a href="" rel="nofollow">External Link</a>

6. Images

Each image should have an Alt Tag containing primary, secondary or long-tail keywords. If not hyperlinked, it should also include a Title Tag.

7. Copy/Paragraphs

Make your primary keyword bold and hyperlink secondary keywords to appropriate destination pages. Limit each paragraph to 1 or 2 hyperlinks.

8. CSS

Avoid using in-line styles and re-use classes to keep the file size down. Use the background-image for layout elements and other non-essential graphics that need not be indexed.

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