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Advocacy Platform

We've partnered with to help turn your guests into promoters of your brand -- empowering them to market for you in a way that you can't.

How it Works

This highly-effective advocacy system provides a series of integrated touchpoints that make it easy for your guests to promote your properties and brand on social networks.

Touchpoint #1

Before Guest Arrives

After a booking and before their stay, your guest is prompted on the booking confirmation page and in an auto-email to share their upcoming visit with friends.

Pre-stay social media image


"Thanks for booking with us Austin! Now share your trip with your friends and get 10% off bike rentals during your stay! Your friends will receive 10% off their next stay with us. Hey, what are friends for… "

Touchpoint #2

After Guest Departs

Another email is sent asking your guest to enter their favorite photo and caption to win a free stay. The photo with the most votes wins, so your guests naturally want to share their photo. The platform allows them to do this in a way that promotes your brand and provides an incentive for your guest's friends to vote.

Post stay social media image


"We hope you enjoyed your stay Austin! Share your vacation experience with your friends and be automatically entered to win our spring getaway contest featuring a free 3-night stay at any one of our properties! Your voting friends will receive 10% off their next stay. They’ll love it!"

Touchpoint #3

On Your Website

Integrate a photo river of other guests’ pictures and quotes to help new potential guests see real stories of how others enjoyed your properties.

social media image of river images

Image of sign up page


Add a sign-up panel on key landing pages that promote guests to sign-up to unlock their gift and or save their incentive for later.

The Results

When your guests tell others about you, they become an advocate. What better audience than the friends and family of your past guests? When these like what they see and want to stay in touch, they become a warm lead.

A Real-Life Story

We ran our social advocacy campaign for Sterling Resorts. Here are the results from the first 90 days:

Stage 1
  • 127 guests shared with their friends about their upcoming stay - becoming advocates
  • 284,000 friends and family of these guests were introduced to their brand

Stage 2
  • 36,000 took the next step and visited the website. That’s a 12.9% click through rate.
  • Of these, 2,000 become warm leads willing to give their email address to stay in touch.

Stage 3
  • That’s an average of 15 warm leads per advocate.
  • Sterling Resorts has seen a triple-digit ROI in just 90 days.

We Handle Everything

Here's what you'll receive:

Website Integration

Website Integration

Turn-key integration with your Scurto Marketing website. You tell us what you want the value added offers to be and we handle the rest. The advocacy program will be integrated into your confirmation page, key landing pages and property detail pages.

Automatic Emails

Automatic Emails

If you’re using our automatic email system we will integrate dynamic banners that will appear on pre- and post-stay emails. If you use some other type of email system we can provide these banners and code to interject into your current emails or we can create stand-alone pre- and post-stay emails to start turning your guests into advocates.

Legal Stuff

Legal Stuff

Did we mention all of the entries, media and quotes are now yours to use? We will provide you the legal terms, conditions and releases to protect your interests.

Media Curation


In an effort to makes sure no inappropriate content makes it to your website each entry has to be approved manually. We can manage this and post the best entries to your social accounts for you! Plus, you'll get a catalog library of new content your guests have created that you can use for other marketing efforts. We'll report back to you weekly on our progress.

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