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Salt Water Vacations has been a cornerstone in the Emerald Coast vacation rental market for over 40 years. Specializing in homes, condos, and cottages, they have built a reputation for providing exceptional vacation experiences along the picturesque Gulf Coast. With an expanding inventory and a commitment to excellence, Salt Water Vacations required cutting-edge digital solutions to maintain their market leadership.

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The Challenge

As Salt Water Vacations expanded, they faced significant digital challenges. They needed a modern, user-friendly website that could seamlessly connect to their existing property management software, but also support a future software migration. In addition, a robust content management system was required to keep on top of their grouped rental complexes and to supplement property data flowing from their PMS.

Along with a new website, Salt Water Vacations needed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to increase their online presence, drive bookings and become more visible to potential new homeowners.

The Solution

Website Development

We designed and developed a new, visually appealing website tailored to Salt Water Vacations' needs. Built upon our proven direct-booking platform, this new website integrated effortlessly with their existing property management software, ensuring real-time updates and synchronization. And, when they migrated to new software, we helped them make the transition with minimal effort.

Our team then trained Salt Water's staff on how to efficiently use our Content Management System to keep their website up-to-date, manage additional property data, their subscribers, add specials, and more -- all from our intuitive dashboard.

And finally, we integrated their website and conversion path with Google Analytics, utilizing e-commerce tracking and custom events/goals so that they could have a complete picture of user and booking patterns.

Digital Marketing Services

In addition to the website, we provided a suite of ongoing digital marketing services designed to enhance Salt Water Vacations' online presence and engagement. Monthly e-mail campaigns are developed to nurture leads and keep past guests informed about new listings and special offers. A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented and worked on each month to improve search engine rankings and to drive organic traffic. Regular blog posts and high-quality content is created on the regular to engage potential customers and showcase unique features of their properties. And ongoing consultation helps fine-tune marketing efforts and adapt to emerging trends in the vacation rental industry.


Enhanced Digital Presence

The new website has significantly improved the online user experience, making it easier for potential guests to find and book properties. Seamless integration with property management software has streamlined operations and minimized administrative tasks.

Increased Bookings

Thanks to targeted email campaigns and improved SEO, Salt Water Vacations has seen a notable increase in bookings. Enhanced content and regular blog updates have also driven more traffic to the website.

Improved Efficiency

Oliver allows for easy management of website content, freeing up time for the Salt Water Vacations team to focus on providing exceptional customer service. Analytical tools have provided actionable insights, helping to fine-tune marketing strategies and maximize ROI.


Through strategic web development and comprehensive digital marketing services, Salt Water Vacations has overcome their digital challenges and positioned themselves for continued growth and success in the competitive vacation rental market. 

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