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For over 38 years, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties has been a cornerstone in the Destin and 30A property management landscape. Renowned for their exceptional hospitality, they offer unparalleled guest experiences and top-tier service for property owners, real estate clients, and homeowners associations. As one of the most recognized and established property management companies in the region, their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their business.

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The Challenge

In 2001, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties faced a critical juncture. To continue their growth and maintain their competitive edge, they needed an innovative website company capable of delivering cutting-edge solutions for their vacation rental management, real estate, and association management services. Additionally, they required a forward-thinking and dependable partner to oversee all aspects of their digital marketing strategy. This included SEO, ad management, email marketing, social media campaigns and content creation for multiple websites.

Solution: Scurto Marketing's Digital Expertise

Newman-Dailey Resort Properties partnered with Scurto Marketing, a trusted name in digital marketing and web development. For over two decades, Scurto Marketing has provided comprehensive and creative solutions tailored to meet Newman-Dailey's unique needs. Key initiatives include:

Website Development

Scurto Marketing designed and continually upgraded a powerful and user-friendly website. This platform seamlessly integrated property management software, MLS listings, and a custom-built homeowners association management system.

SEO and Ad Management

By implementing advanced SEO techniques and strategic ad management, Scurto Marketing significantly enhanced Newman-Dailey's online visibility and lead generation capabilities.

Email Marketing

Personalized and targeted email campaigns were developed to engage with both potential and existing clients, fostering stronger relationships and driving repeat bookings.
Social Media Campaigns: Leveraging the power of social media, Scurto Marketing developed engaging content and ran campaigns that resonated with Newman-Dailey’s audience, further enhancing brand loyalty and recognition.

Content Creation

High-quality, relevant content was produced consistently, positioning Newman-Dailey as a thought leader in the property management industry and attracting organic traffic to their website.


The collaboration between Newman-Dailey Resort Properties and Scurto Marketing continue to yield impressive results:

Enhanced Online Presence

The innovative website and effective digital marketing strategies significantly increased Newman-Dailey's online presence, attracting a larger and more engaged audience.

Increased Bookings and Sales

The integration of advanced digital marketing techniques resulted in a substantial rise in vacation rental bookings and real estate sales.

Operational Efficiency

The custom homeowners association management platform streamlined operations, improving overall efficiency and service delivery.

Sustained Growth

Over the 20-year partnership, Newman-Dailey has consistently met and exceeded their business goals, maintaining their status as a market leader in property management.


The partnership between Newman-Dailey Resort Properties and Scurto Marketing serves as a testament to the power of innovative digital solutions and strategic marketing. By leveraging Scurto Marketing’s expertise, Newman-Dailey not only addresses their immediate challenges but also positions themselves for sustained growth and success in the competitive property management industry.

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