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Cinnamon Shore is a vibrant beachfront community located on the picturesque Texas Gulf Coast. Known for its warm hospitality, it’s a place where families come to nurture traditions and create lasting memories. Cinnamon Shore offers an array of amenities catering to diverse needs, from on-site dining and activities to unique experiences and beach buggies. This comprehensive approach ensures that visitors have everything they need right at their fingertips.

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The Challenge

As Cinnamon Shore launched and started growing quickly, they faced the critical challenge of effectively showcasing their multifaceted New Urbanism project online. They needed a website and marketing partner capable of building an all-encompassing digital platform that would seamlessly integrate their vacation rentals, real estate listings, and retail offerings. The goal was to create a robust, user-friendly website that would not only reflect the community's charm but also streamline various operations.

The Solution

Cinnamon Shore partnered with Scurto Marketing to tackle this monumental task. Scurto Marketing was chosen for its proven expertise in creating custom websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. The solution comprised several key components:

Custom Website Design

Scurto Marketing developed a visually stunning website that captures the natural beauty and unique appeal of Cinnamon Shore. The design was crafted to be welcoming and intuitive, ensuring an exceptional user experience.

  • Integration with Property Management Software
    The new website includes real-time connections with Cinnamon Shore's property management software. This integration allows seamless booking and management of vacation rentals, making it easier for guests to find and reserve their ideal accommodations.

  • MLS Listings for Real Estate
    To accommodate the real estate aspect of Cinnamon Shore's offerings, the website was integrated with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases. This feature provides up-to-date real estate listings, allowing potential buyers to explore available properties comprehensively.

  • Retail and Package Integration
    The website also integrates with Cinnamon Shore's retail shops and package offerings. This functionality enables visitors to browse and purchase products and services with ease, enhancing their overall experience.

Digital Marketing

Our strategic marketing partnership includes providing Cinnamon Shore with a host of digital marketing services, which include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    In-depth SEO and SEM strategies are employed each month to increase search engine positioning and drive organic traffic.

  • Ad Management
    Optimized management of pay-per-click and re-marketing ads are handled through Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and those campaigns are aligned with Cinnamon Shore's overall marketing efforts.

  • Email Campaigns
    Custom e-mail marketing pieces are created monthly and sent to past guests and subscribers, informing them about upcoming event, vacation specials and the goings on of the community.

  • Weekly Consultation Meetings
    Ensuring corporate marketing initiatives are carried out and consistent across digital marketing platforms and true to their goals.


The collaboration between Cinnamon Shore and Scurto Marketing has resulted in a transformative digital presence for the community. Key outcomes include:

  • Enhanced User Experience
    The custom website design and user-friendly interface have significantly improved the overall user experience. Visitors can easily navigate through vacation rentals, real estate listings, and retail options, making their interaction with the community more engaging and efficient.

  • Increased Bookings and Sales
    The real-time connection with property management software and the seamless integration of retail and package offerings have led to increased bookings and sales. Guests can effortlessly book accommodations and purchase products, driving revenue growth for Cinnamon Shore.

  • Streamlined Operations
    The integration with MLS databases and property management software has streamlined operational processes, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. This efficiency allows Cinnamon Shore to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their visitors.

  • Stronger Online Presence
    The beautiful, custom-designed website has elevated Cinnamon Shore's online presence, attracting more visitors and potential buyers. The website serves as a digital gateway to the community, showcasing its unique charm and diverse offerings to a broader audience.


Through strategic partnership and innovative digital solutions, Cinnamon Shore successfully addressed their challenge of creating a multifaceted website. The collaboration with Scurto Marketing has not only enhanced their online presence but also streamlined operations and boosted bookings and sales. This case study exemplifies how a well-executed digital strategy can transform a business, ensuring long-term growth and success.

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