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Your Website and Web Accessibility in 2020

A hot topic in the web community is Website Accessibility. There have been a lot of discussions in the last year with a growing concern about this. Most people are worried about being sued if their website doesn’t have the proper accessibility standards, but others are concerned about giving everyone an opportunity to use their site with no interruptions. Honestly, we all need a vacation! So let

Why Having a Website Is So Important!

Whether your company is small or large, having a website allows you to market your business online and helps you establish credibility as a business. Your website is the core of your company’s online presence. It will have a far wider reach than any other form of advertising.  Whether you are planning a big purchase or small purchase, looking for a place to go on vacation or even looking for

Vacation Rental Website

If you are a property manager or vacation rental management company, you would no doubt like to say that your vacation rental website is doing its job. And it may well be. But there's always room for improvement. Here are some key areas to look at when doing an analysis of your website: Conversion Rate No matter how much online booking revenue you generate each month, what you

Travel Website Design

When choosing a website development company to produce your vacation-related website, don't settle for just anyone. Choose a travel website design agency who has experience in the vacation industry and who has a history of success. Scurto Marketing has been designing and delivering successful websites for the travel industry since 2001. Our proven experience delivering beautiful websites