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Email Marketing - Part 3

Previously, we discussed the benefits of email marketing and began the process details, starting with the Opt-in Email. This brings us to Segmenting Your Market . Having a customer base of individual groups with common factors creates a marketing segment. Each group may need a different approach of advertising. Separating the market into subgroups will help you tailor information specifically to reach

Email Marketing - Part 2

In our first part of this series, we discussed what an effective tool email marketing can be and the best ways to increase subscribers. This brings us to the next process – opting people in and segmenting them.   First, we start the Opt-in Email – An Opt-in Email is sent to people who have not yet accepted a continuous subscription to your newsletter. Here are some things to keep in mind: Have

Getting Results by Email Marketing – Part 1

Even with technology rapidly moving forward and social media getting most of the attention, email marketing is still a very effective way to build repeat business. Receiving a newsletter in your inbox from a familiar brand is a less intimidating, more personal environment, making people more apt to take the time to review your message. But with so much junk mail these days, you want to guarantee that

Boost Your Email Marketing

Most people would agree that their email marketing campaigns are important, if not instrumental, in cultivating a strong relationship with their guests. And yet it's surprising how neglected most email programs are or how little people know about the response they are getting. There are a number of measurements that are important to understand, including open , click , bounce and spam rates. There

ComF5 Email Marketing

For those of you who do any kind of email marketing, video publishing or live video broadcasting, you need to check this out. A couple of months ago I hooked up with ComF5 Marketing -- a company that specializes in all of the above and at a fraction of the cost the other guys charge. ComF5 includes email marketing with video embed support at a much cheaper price than Constant Contact.

Incredible Email Campaign System

I recently was introduced to a new email marketing system that was so impressive that I immediately moved my accounts over. This new system is incredibly easy to use, has very good analytics, has a very effective video email component and isn't quite as strict on subscribers as others. If you're looking for a simple email marketing tool with video support (great for doing beach updates, snow