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Edgar Luna

Web Developer

In the dynamic world of software development, few have a story as rich and varied as Edgar. With a career that bridges the gap between the mathematical foundations of programming and the cutting-edge demands of today's digital world, he embodies the spirit of innovation and resilience.

Edgar's venture into the tech realm commenced at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics Sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, where the seeds of mathematical rigor and analytical thinking were sown. This solid academic grounding laid the foundation for a career that would navigate the waves of technological evolution with grace and adaptability.

From the early days of protocol implementation in C# and C to mastering system administration across Linux and Windows platforms, Edgar has always been at the forefront of solving complex problems. Whether it was developing database ORMs for CRM systems at Step One or enhancing software communication capabilities through reverse engineering at PCL interfaces, the focus has always been on ensuring stability and durability in software solutions. At Unifica Telemarketing, as a System Administrator, Edgar ensured the seamless operation of call center systems, demonstrating a unique blend of technical and operational prowess.

His current role at Scurto Marketing is a testament to Edgar's dedication to client satisfaction, enhancing features, and quality of solutions to ensure superior user experiences.

Beyond the world of code and software systems, Edgar finds balance and joy in a variety of personal interests. An avid soccer and track enthusiast, he not only enjoys the thrill of the game but also dives deep into sports analytics, merging passion with profession. This analytical approach extends to a love for collecting cards, where the chase for the next great find is always on.

When not analyzing sports stats or coding away, he can be found immersed in the world of fiction books, exploring alternate realities and narratives. Video games offer another avenue for exploration and relaxation, while participation in knowledge groups keeps the mind sharp and engaged with the latest in tech and beyond.

Edgar's story is one of continuous learning, adaptation, and a deep-seated passion for technology. With a career as diverse as the personal interests that fuel creativity and innovation, he is a vital part of our team, bringing not just technical expertise, but a rich, human touch to every project and interaction.

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