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Email Marketing - Part 3

Previously, we discussed the benefits of email marketing and began the process details, starting with the Opt-in Email. This brings us to Segmenting Your Market. Having a customer base of individual groups with common factors creates a marketing segment. Each group may need a different approach of advertising. Separating the market into subgroups will help you tailor information specifically to reach your target customers. Then your information is more likely to appeal to that group. 
Your Opt-in Email was successful and they decided to join - now what? Here are some ideas to break up your clients to tailor your marketing. Provide questions and check boxes on your site. 

  • What would you like to see? 
  • When do you like to visit? 
  • Are you interested in great last minute deals? 
  • Do you like to see property tours? 
  • Are you interested in local events? 
  • What are your favorite activities/hobbies? (ie. fishing, sports, theatre, art, music) 

Thank You Email

  • A “Thanks for Joining” automatic email is sent with a large section devoted to sharing with friends, including incentives for doing so. Entering a friend’s email address sends them a copy and adds them to an Opt-in Pool. 

The Scurto Marketing Content Management System works in conjunction with your website to segment and easily export tailored lists of users based on their interest. Newsletters and regular email campaigns directed at a custom audience result in greater interest and higher Click-Through-Rates. 

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